Knee pain? Try the new working joint care supplement 1st

Living with Severe Knee Pain 

Knee Pain Relief with Moflex

Knee pain in the elderly is a common joint health problem all over the world. There is no exception for Malaysia. A study in Malaysia reported that 1/3 of community-dwelling older people had knee pain problems. Lifestyle factors are the main causes of chronic knee ; Trauma, Gout, Degenerative disorders, Obesity, Bacterial infections, Connective tissue disorders, etc. Most frequent cause of reduced quality of life (QoL), physical function limitation and the worst disability.

Most patient choose glucosamine as the joint care supplement due to its popularity and more readily available. Glucosamine and Glucosamine Chondroitin can be easily bought in any pharmacies as well as online stores and marketplace. Scientific Statistic Studies proved UC-II is better than Glucosamine Chondroitin. The result is 2X – 3X more effective in joint care. Hence, choosing a working joint care supplement is very important. It can effectively give your knee pain relief and reclaim mobility.

MOFLEX is an advanced natural formulation of UC-II® & Aflapin®. It is a true joint care supplement with anti inflammation that works!

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